Our Factory Profile

This is completely with RIETER (Switzerland) system to make open end yarn. The count of yarn being manufactured are 10s - 12s - 20s - 30s and 34s carded to the grade of semi combed. Right from the blow room to spinning it is fully automatic and computerized system. The total capacity is 90 tons per month approx. As we have the double-reeling system and wax winding, the total daed cotton is maximum removed at the yarn stage itself to get finer yarn.

We have 12 ORIZIO (Italy) four track knitting machines of 26" diameter and 20gg. We have one machine of 16gg for rib having additional device to mix Lycra. In Single Jersey we can make from 100 to 250 GSM; in Pique we can make from 120 to 280 GSM; in Fleece we can make from 200 to 400 GSM. The machines are properly set to knit 4 tons a day.

We have 8 softflow computerized dyeing machine with the capacity of 7 tons a day (in 3 shifts). We also have 2 sample softflow machines.. We also have automatic and computerized fabric reverser, hydroexracters, dryer with comactor and FERRARI flat calendering (steam) machine. Our compact system controls the shrinkage for Single Jersey to 5% maximum and Pique to 8% max, We can give the color fastness guarantee at a temperature of 60%. We have well modernized laboratory to have faster lab dabs and strikes off immediate.

We have two 10 seater computerized printing machines with 2 curing machines individually for each machine which can print up to 8 colors. We use standard and approved pigments and plastisol.

We have totally 300 sewing machine of RIMOLDI and NECCHI (Italy) with the capacity to produce 500,000 basic T-shirts per month and 100,000 polo shirts per month (3 shifts). We have automatic fabric laying machines and 2 sets of bank knife machine with the capacity of 30,000 T-shirts a day. We have separate sampling department to make patterns for cutting department and to produce approval samples time to time, We have totally 12 supervisors to organize the production and a team of 12 control staffs to take care of fabric mistakes, stains, flaws and measurements before packing.
In short we have proper system of quality control right from grey fabric state to garment.