Group of Companies

Associated companies of the Bedeil Group are: 


Group Company Names



Bedeil General Trading L.L.C.


Trading: variety of products

Bedeil Pte Ltd



Trading: variety of products

Singapore Samarkand


Icecream manufacturing

Navoi  Silk


Silk manufacturing

J.V.Morakand  Silk


Silk manufacturings



Mr Amarjeet Kapoor


Mr Amarjeet Kapoor is our new director. Graduated in Business management. He has high visions for the company and will take it long way. Presently he is working on t-shirts trading in Dubai, UAE manufactured in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is keen and a fast learner in his field.









Kan Singh Kapoor


Mr Kan Singh Kapoor is the founder and the president of the Bedeil Group of companies. The group has it's offices in Singapore, Dubai, Tashkent, Samarkand and Toronto. Mr. Kapoor has vast experience in manufacturing of ice cream, raw silk yarn, chocolate, liquorice, t-shirts, trading of general items and in real estate. He manages over 2000 employees. He started his first office in Singapore in the year 1989. From that small office he had a vision to make it big. Now he owns multi-million dollar company. He is a true leader.








Pratap Kapoor


Mr. Pratap Kapoor is the managing director of the Bedeil Group of Companies. He has a vast experience in general trading for past 25 years. His negotiating skills and leadership quality made Bedeil General Trading LLC a top trading hub in Dubai, UAE. He has been trading in commodities, food stuff, raw silk yarn, cotton yarn, footwear and etc. Dealing with countries like China, Thailand, USA, India and Vietnam to name a few. Under his leadership the company acquired more then 50 residential and commercial properties. He is a true leader. 










We require the following items on regular basis:

  • Full Cream/Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Packaging materials
  • Machinery
  • Flavors