Group of Companies

Associated companies of the Bedeil Group are: 


Group Company Names



Bedeil General Trading L.L.C.


Trading: variety of products

Bedeil Pte Ltd



Trading: variety of products

Singapore Samarkand


Icecream manufacturing

Navoi  Silk


Silk manufacturing

J.V.Morakand  Silk


Silk manufacturings



Mr Amarjeet Kapoor


Mr Amarjeet Kapoor is our new director. Graduated in Business management. He has high visions for the company and will take it long way. Presently he is working on t-shirts trading in Dubai, UAE manufactured in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is keen and a fast learner in his field.









Mr Jasbir Singh Kapoor

Work Experience of Mr Jasbir Singh Kapoor


MAY’11 Dec'15             BEDEIL PTE LTD


Looking at the overall management, the import & export of the company and exploring of new markets. I attend exhibitions and trade fair to bring in more business. I negotiate with suppliers and customers, liaising with banks, insurance companies, government bodies and shipping companies. Purchasing of goods from overseas.

Property Management – Buying, selling & renting properties. Buying old run down houses and re-building them to sell for a profit. Buying construction materials in container loads to save on cost.




As a Director of the company, I look at the import & export of the company and explore new markets. I          attend exhibitions and trade fairs to bring in more          business. I negotiate with suppliers and customers, liaising with banks, insurance companies, government bodies and shipping companies. Purchasing of goods from overseas and distributing in the local market. In short the overall management. In year 2008 we opened a Supermarket and in 2009 we opened Coffee Time.

Stop-N-Pick Supermarket – Opened 6000 sqft of supermarket in Dubai. As a Director of the company I was responsible to manage the whole shop from scratch to a fully operating shop. Key roles in the shop were to manage the staff, purchasing of goods, checking reports and handling finance 

Coffee Time Taken the master franchisee of Coffee Time to Dubai. As a director I am fully responsible for running the concept. I was the key person to open the first location in Jan 2009. Constructing 1500 sqft shop with 800sqft of Kitchen. Purchasing all the machineries and equipment, designing the shop, managing the opening team, purchasing the pos system and software’s




My duties as a Director were Purchasing, Managing        and Marketing. I visited countries such as China,          Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia and etc., and keep an eye on new trends and prices in the market, so as to compete. I managed around 30 staff in the department store. I also took care of the marketing aspect for the Department store.          Periodical sales, promotions and offers were held and full fledged advertisements were carried out to get the footfall into the store.




I was in charge of procuring business for the company. This involved communication between my buyers, keeping track of the market rates and frequently updating myself. I had to attend trade fairs and exhibitions in order to promote the business.  I had to verify accounts and communicate with Banks. In shipping I had to arrange the vessels, negotiate freight and make sure the vessel reached the final destination on time. I had five staff working under me.

Mr Jaspal Kapoor


Jaspal Kapoor was appointed in 2004 as a Sales Director in Bedeil General Trading L.L.C. Having invaluable Canadian experience, he was posted to Royal Global Holdings Inc. as a CEO. He was working with reputable multinational companies and was also exploring other avenues such as real estate. In order to expand his business ventures, he became involved in purchasing multiple properties in the emerging markets in India and Dubai, U.A.E. After analysing the market in Canada, Bedeil General Trading decided to expand their presence in the Canadian market. In 2011, Cote d’Azur L.L.C. was formed to carry out all the real estate investments of Bedeil General Trading and Cote d’Azur Home builders in Canada was concurrently formed. Presently, Jaspal is working as a Managing Director of Cote d’Azur Home Builder and CEO of Royal Global Holdings Inc.  





Pratap Kapoor


Mr. Pratap Kapoor is the managing director of the Bedeil Group of Companies. He has a vast experience in general trading for past 25 years. His negotiating skills and leadership quality made Bedeil General Trading LLC a top trading hub in Dubai, UAE. He has been trading in commodities, food stuff, raw silk yarn, cotton yarn, footwear and etc. Dealing with countries like China, Thailand, USA, India and Vietnam to name a few. Under his leadership the company acquired more then 50 residential and commercial properties. He is a true leader.